Strike Like Lightning, Be Still Like the Tiger

Autobot Prowl

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Name: Prowl
Series: Transformers Animated

Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian (Autobot)

Digimon Partner: Kotemon
Evolution Line: Kotemon > Kougamon > Karatenmon > Ravemon
Family: Wind Guardians
Type: Reptile

D-Comm Color: Black and Gold
D-Comm Symbol: Autobot symbol

Character History: Not much is known about Prowl's life before he became a member of the Ark's crew. Prowl is trained in the precision art of Circuit-Su, which makes him a potentially deadly combatant. However, by the time he came under Optimus Prime's command, he was somewhat anti-social and self important.

That all changed when he and the others inadvertently discovered the legendary All Spark. Their discovery attracted none other than the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, who desired to possess the All Spark so he could use its powers to retake the planet Cybertron. Megatron personally attacked their ship, and set off a series of events that led to the Autobot ship crashing upon the planet Earth. Megatron was believed destroyed, and the Autobots were left in stasis for the equivelant of fifty years.

They were awakened some time later by the presence of the remains of a nanobot-empowered monster on their ship. The Autobots emerged and battled it, and as a consequence, Prowl was critically injured. He was taken back to their ship, but not even surgery could save him... rather, Prowl was saved by a key that had been empowered by the All Spark, now wielded by their future human friend, Sari Sumdac. This led Prowl to rethink his thoughts on teamwork, and when it came time for the Autobots to face another Decepticon, it was Prowl who rallied the group together to stand as one against Starscream.

Later, Prowl began to take an interest in organics... in particular, he developed a great fondness for nature, which put him at odds with the more high speed-oriented Bumblebee. When the All Spark key brought three amusement park dinosaur attractions to life, Prowl sensed the “spark” of life within them, and helped save them from destruction. Prowl would be forced to come to their rescue again when he and his comrade Bulkhead discovered they had been forced into servitude by the villain called Meltdown. Another so-called “adventure” involved exploring the woods outside of the city of Detroit in search of a Cybertronian energy signature... It involved both Prowl and Bumblebee being taken over by parasitic “space barnacles”, and ultimately it was Sari who saved them both.

Later, Prowl and the others were forced to deal with Megatron's revival, and after the Decepticon leader joined with his fellow Decepticons, it was Prowl's quick thinking that gave Bumblebee the means to defeat the Decepticon called Blitzwing. Optimus would best Megatron in combat, and afterwards, the five Autobots settled in to enjoy a brief bit of peace.

That is, until a mysterious object appeared over Detroit.

Some time afterwards, Prowl was pulled into the Digital World.

Prowl Personality: Despite having learned the values of teamwork, Prowl is still predisposed to being a loner. More often than not, he enjoys being left to his own devices, and tends to only show his more cooperative side in battle. Not to say he isn't good with people... well, that is, in a lot of ways he's NOT, but he's also capable of reading people and understanding them. Prowl is unflappable and tends to put out an aura of seriousness that cannot be broken... except by people like Bumblebee. When you DO get to Prowl, you can be rest assured... he's going to be very angry at you.

Kotemon Personality: In comparison to Prowl, Kotemon is more childlike. He's emotional and not nearly as centered, and will do just about anything to earn his partner's approval. Kotemon sees Prowl as his master, or “sensei,” and sees their partnership as an elaborate form of training. Kotemon has the makings of a great warrior, but he has a lot of growing up to do first.

Prowl Abilities: Prowl is a master of Circuit-Su. This means he can use just about any object as a weapon, and that his body itself IS a weapon. He wields two throwing stars in conjunction with his hand-to-hand fighting and weaponry skills. What's more, Prowl is equipped with two jump jets that allow him limited airtime, as well as with a holographic generator that allows him to create soft-light images of objects, individuals, and scenery.

Kotemon Abilities: Kotemon's main Special Attack is Thunder Kote, which is an attack where he electrifies his wooden boken and strikes with it. His second Special Attack is Fire Men, in which his mask lights itself ablaze and he attacks with a fiery head butt. His evolved form, Kougamon, wields spiked balls he can use as projectiles (Caltrop), and can create clones of himself that attack together (Koga Style Kage Bunshin). Kougamon also wields a shuriken (Kouga Style Offshoot) and a katana.